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This DET was conducted long ago, but I thought "Better to tell about it late, than never".
Nazokat sent me the photos of the DET session conducted at the Tashkent State Pedagogical University last year on December 26 (Thr).

今回、タシケント国立教育大学の先生ローラさん (右)の招待で、DETを開催することになりました。参加者は教育大学の一年生。
This time, it was decided to hold DET session at the Tashkent State Pedagogical University at the invitation of Mrs. Lola Muminova - the teacher of the university (on the right). The participants were the first year university students. 

In Japan there is no Faculty of Defectology like in the universities of Uzbekistan or other Post-Soviet countries. What does defectologist do?
At first Mrs. Lola Muminova believed in the perception of medical model of disability; however, through the process of working in collaboration with Mr. Abdullo - a DET trainer, she changed her mind.  

A case study "A boy on the wheelchair should urgently go back home on the train."
Group photo

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