Tuesday, 12 November 2013


Rustam (7 years old)


The baby car, which Rustam wasn't able to use anymore




[English translation]

Rustam was diagnosed with cerebral palsy as soon as he was born. Now he is 7 years old - the exact age to start going to school. Until now he has never used a wheelchair. This wheelchair is the first wheelchair in his life. Previously, he used to share a baby car with his little sister at home. But, recently as Rustam has become heavy he is not able to sit in the stroller anymore. Therefore, his mother had to always carry him on her hands, which is very hard.

If there was a wheelchair, Rustam would be able to go out and play with his friends in the neighborhood, and would be able to go to school, which is also located close to his house. In addition, he would even be able to go to the hospital to receive a medical treatment, such as massage, and the burden for his mother would be less, than it is now.

The size of the wheelchair, was roughly suited to Rustam's body, but only his feet, which was still a bit shorter, so that we had to adjust it by placing the cushion for his feet. As it is his first time using the wheelchair, he still does not understood well where to put his feet. But, because he can't walk himself, the wheelchair is considered to be very helpful for Rustam in his daily life.

Rustam and his mother were very happy to receive this pink color wheelchair. I think, if you look at his smile, you can feel that he is delighted and grateful to accept it. Thank you so much!!

written by Murato
edited by Ohno san

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