Monday, 18 November 2013


  • 中央アジア障害者団体(DPO)のネットワークを強化する、
  • 新アジア太平洋障害者の十年を推進する、
  • 中央アジア障害者フォーラムの活動・連携を促進する、
  • JICA中央アジア研修の研修員を交えて、小地域ネットワークの意義とあるべき姿を討議する。

On November 13 (Wed) there was a 2 hours JICA TV conferenceabout “Mainstreaming and Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities in Central Asian Countries”. The purposes of the conference were;
  • to strengthen the network of Central Asian Disabled People’sOrganizations (DPOs); 
  • to promote the new Asia-Pacific Decade of Disabled Persons; 
  • to disseminate the Central Asia Disability Forum;
  • to discuss the future perspective of sub-regional network with the trainees of JICA Central Asia Training program.

The representatives of Uzbekistan’s various DPOs participated in the TV conference

UNESCAPの秋山愛子さんは。アジア太平洋地域障害者の第三の十年「インチョン戦略」のサブ地域ネットワークの重要性について話しました「Make the Right Real」が合言葉です。そして、DPIアジア太平洋ブロック事務局長サワラックさんはネットワーク強化のためのDPOのアプローチについて発表しました。

Ms. Aiko Akiyama from UNESCAP talked about the importance of sub-regional network in Incheon strategy to “Make the Right Real” for Persons with Disabilities in Asia and the Pacific”. Then Disabled Peoples’ International (DPI) Asia-Pacific Regional Block Secretary General Ms. Saowalak did a presentation about “DPO’s approach to reinforce Network Reinforcement”.

People from Uzbek DPOs had a lot of questions.


I think, that Central Asian DPOs first should think about reinforcing their national networks at the country-level, and then proceed to strengthening the Central Asian regional network of DPOs. For instance, national DPOs should coordinate their activities among each other, and form some kind of a coalition in order to be considered as a potential candidate for the membership to DPI. Admittedly, DPOs of Uzbekistan have started this process and are on their thorny way to DPI membership.

written by Murato
corrected by Ohno san

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