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Akrom and his mother

[English translation]

Akrom is a 17-year-old Deafblind person (he can't see and can't hear), that's why it is difficult for him to walk around alone freely. He was incorrectly diagnosed with cerebral palsy at the age of six. For more than two years, his mother had been asking for a wheelchair at social welfare office, but as he was able to walk, he could not get any wheelchair. As a last resort, Akrom's mother made use of the cart for garbage available in the house and donkey carriage to move him around.

During JICA's seminar-training for the Deafblind, Akrom sat in a wheelchair for the first time in his life. He was so happy,  that began moving the wheelchair on his own. Then he asked his sister to push the wheelchair to move him around the room.

Akrom loves him mother so much. When there was no wheelchair, he used to walk hugging always his mother. Akrom's favorite food is pancakes.

Akrom does not know how to use the wheelchair yet, but I think he will learn gradually. This new wheelchair will be very useful for Akrom in his future life. Thank you so much!

written by Murato
corrected by Ohno san

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