Wednesday, 20 November 2013


ジャスルさん (20歳)
Jasur (20 years old)




[English translation]

Jasur, 20 years old . As he is suffering from spinal muscular atrophy, he is not able to walk. The wheelchair he has been using until now has become old and not comfortable to go out. Jasur's younger brother - Jakhongir was also diagnosed with the same disease. Their father applied for two wheelchairs at the local social welfare office in 2005 , but did get only one. Moreover, even if it has become impossible to use the out of date wheelchair, a new wheelchair is given only once in five years. And now when this family was having problems appealing to the social welfare office, a "flying wheelchair" has arrived directly to their house!

Jasur's dream is to study how personal computer works. But unfortunately,  the old computer in the house is broken. Jasur's father says "... if he had a new personal computer, he could do various work". He is likely to request the city central public office for the donation of a PC.

Jasur's new wheelchair is much more comfortable and easier to use. It is light and is very helpful to him when moving around. The quality of a Japanese wheelchair is very high. Thank you very much!

written by Murato
edited by Ohno san

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