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On November 21, 2013 in cooperation with the chairman of Bukhara province branch of the Uzbek Society of Disabled People Mr. Negmatov Mirsaid we conducted Disability Equality Training (DET) in Bukhara, which is located around 450 km North-East to the capital of Uzbekistan – Tashkent. Mukhabbat and Nazokat were DET facilitators. As we went to Bukhara by train, for both of them it was the first time they traveled by train. Due to the fact, that Uzbekistan railways are not accessible for the disabled people who use a wheelchair, for Mukhabbat to get into the train we needed the help of 3 people, and it was really difficult.

DET training was held in the conference hall of “Siyovush” Hotel. It was very warm in the room, however we could not find where was the heating system.
8 disabled people participated in the training. On the screen it is written in Uzbek: “Limited environment”.
Shavkat, who is a visually impaired person, is trying to answer to the question “What is disability?”


I have noticed that frequently disabled people’s answer to this question was “A punishment or a challenge from God – something sent from above as kind of a burden”. So that you can’t do anything about it, as it is already an unchangeable condition. You give up and accept it as it is. During the training there were also other definitions of “disability” as “the limitation of abilities”. 

リハビリテーションと社会変革 - どちらの解決策がふさわしでしょうか?と聞くと、驚くべきことに、リハビリを支援する人はほとんどいませんでした。
Which solution is the best – rehabilitation or social change? Surprisingly, there were no people who were for the rehabilitation.
Group discussion of the demonstrated video.
Final group work presentation by Dilshod, who is explaining his group’s plan of action to support Disabled people in Uzbekistan.
The representatives of various branches of the Uzbekistan Society of Disabled People of Bukhara region and the disabled people, who participated in DET training.


After lunch, the afternoon DET session was again cancelled like it happened in Yangiyo'l. Nazokat was not lucky again.

story and photos by Murato
corrected by Ohno san

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