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ユルチさん、31歳。障害: 脳損傷
Yulchi, 31 years old. Type of impairment: Traumatic brain injury





[English translation]

On February 25, 2012 Yulchi fell down and injured his head. Immediately after the accident he had the surgery of his head, which left him without the use of his both legs and right hand. In spite the fact that he feels his both legs and right hand, he can't move them.

Because until now he has not had any wheelchair, he used a wheelchair borrowed from the disabled person living in the neighborhood. Although Yulchi's parents requested a wheelchair for their regional social welfare department, they could not get it.  "Even if I cried. Even if my son has received the first disability group (the most sever one), nobody gave us a wheelchair" said Yulchi's mother in tears again.

Yulchi lives with his family, and has 3 children. All of them are boys. Due to the fact that he was a bread-earner of such a big family, after becoming a disabled person, Yulchi is not able to work anymore. Therefore, it is considered that the living conditions of this family will become worse.

As Yulchi can not move his body by himself, his mother said: "My son is very heavy, and if there was a reclining bed, it would be really useful for us...".

written by Murato
edited by Ohno

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