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On December 12 (Thursday) with Ohno san I went to see Judo of visually impaired people.  It was a national championship of the Republican level among Disabled sportsmen and sportswomen, who came to Tashkent city from various regions of Uzbekistan. The championship took place at the Republican College of Olympic reserve. The winners in different categories will represent Uzbekistan during the Paralympic Games in Rio, Brazil 2016.

Judo is quite similar to Uzbek traditional sport "Kurash". That's why a person who does Kurash can also do Judo with ease. However, because Kurash is not officially included in the Paralympic games, by level it is considered as lower than Judo.
When I heard from Judo trainer Dima that sited sportsman are also participating in the championship, I was disappointed. Apparently it it is not fair! Or, Judo for Disabled people is a kind of sport that the visually impaired people can play with sighted ones...?
Athletes from Bukhara, where Kurash is pretty famous, are considered to be strong. 
The dream of the championship participants is to raise this flag in Rio, Brazil in 2016. 

According to the coach of Judo team, the most prominent Paralympic sports participated by the Uzbek Disabled people are; swimming, judo, athletic sports, sailing, etc.
Nowadays, in Uzbekistan Judo is considered as the most popular kinds of sport among Disabled people.

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