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Surayyo (center), her father (left), her mother (back in the center)





[English translation]

Surayyo is 25 years old. She was planning to get married this year, but in the car accident in June she was seriously injured. She got a compound fracture of the right leg, head trauma, and other injuries of other parts of her body. After that, Surayyo was hospitalized for a surgery for a long-term.

Now, Surayyo lives with her family in Bekobod district on the outskirts of Tashkent region. Surgery was done at a hospital in Tashkent city, but her health has not fully recovered. Her body has become really weak, and the right foot has not yet recovered even now, so that she has many troubles in her everyday life. In addition to that, even after more than half a year after the accident, she has not been accredited by the government to be classified as a disabled person. Therefore, she was not able to get a wheelchair from the government of Uzbekistan. As the economic conditions of her family are not good, they are also not able to buy a wheelchair on their own.

The chairperson of Bekobod district branch of the Uzbek Society of Disabled People, who introduced Surayyo to us, said: "We should definitely give a wheelchair to her." Surayyo's marriage was cancelled, she lost all her hopes for life, became depressed and isolated from the society. If there was no wheelchair, she would not be able to overcome these sufferings and go out from home...

Thus, after receiving a "wheelchair of Hope", it seemed that Surayyo has again found the meaning of life. Thank you very much!!

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