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On November 29, the "Tortoise group" conducted DET training in Chortoq city Namangan region. Chortoq city is located in almost 20 km to the North from Namangan city. We went to Namangan by car, which took us more than 5 hours. The training was carried out in collaboration with the chairman of Chortoq branch of the Uzbek Society of Disabled People - Ms. Zebo Azibayeva.

This time the "Mysterious cat" was really lucky to be the main facilitator of DET training. Muyassar was the co-facilitator.


However, when the training started the electricity was suddenly cut off, and she had to show the presentation on the notebook. The room where the training was held was much colder than at the Cultural Center of the Uzbek Society of Disabled People Yangiyo’l Branch.

The training was held at Chortoq city school #48. 16 disabled people participated.
Nazokat is receiving answers to the question "What is disability" from the participants.
Again the were lots of answers such as "Disability is a punishment from God."
A game called "Can you put this star into the box?" Together with Yuka - a volunteer from Japan. 
As the size of the star was small, the participants managed to insert the star easily into the box. Next time the star should be of bigger size. Nazokat was troubled.
The leader of the Uzbek Society of Disabled People Chortoq branch Ms. Zebo Azibayeva, during the group discussion.
During the coffee break #48 school children performed a small concert. In the photo, a little girl dressed in traditional clothes is playing an Uzbek traditional instrument called "Dutar". After her, Ohno san skillfully played on dutar.
Second session's group discussion: "Plan of action for the disabled people in Uzbekistan".
Nazokat presented DET manuals to Zebo.


I think, as the result the DET training this time was really effective. All the participants were really active, and when in the end Nazokat asked "Has your opinion regarding disability changed?" everybody replied: "Yes, it has changed!", "It was really interesting!", "Please come to Namangan again!".

written by Murato
edited by Ohno

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