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On December 9th (Monday) self-help group "Istiqbol" for the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (December 3rd) organized a concert, photo exhibition and a small session of Disability Equality Training (DET) inviting close to 100 people to "Grand Mir" Hotel. They organized the event independently, without any financial support from JICA, and found the sponsors themselves. It was a concluding event of all the activities done in 2013: conducted DET trainings in Uzbekistan. Many celebrities, singers came to the concert and "Istiqbol" members sang songs with them.
As SHG "Istiqbol" was featured in local news, it seems they have become popular!

10月に行った盲ろう者実態調査やセミナーに参加した盲ろう者の方(ソジダさん、トゥルグンさん、ナシバさん)もいらっしゃいました。The Deafblind people who participated in the seminar-training for the Deafblind in October (Sojida, Turgun, Nasiba) also participated in the event.
昼ご飯には、皆で美味しいピラフを食べました。ご飯を食べた後は、いっぱい踊って、有名な歌手と一緒にバシバシ写真を撮りました。For the lunch everybody had tasty pilaf, after which everybody danced a lot and took photos together with the popular singers.
Ohno san and a volunteer from Japan Nanami played on a traditional Uzbek instrument dutar, and contributed to the concert! There was a lot of applause.

Today there was another event organized by the director of the Cultural Center for the Deaf of Tashkent Center Guzal opa. A small concert and a tea party was organized for the Deaf. However, this time not popular singers, but the Deaf themselves sang. "How can the Deaf people sing?!" - such a question may suddenly appear. They sing by translating the lyrics into sign language. The Deafblind people also came to the mini concert.

The mini concert was held in the very cold hall of the Cultural Center for the Deaf of Tashkent city. It was colder inside than outside.
A man in the middle dressing in red is Oleg, who is Deaf. He works at the Cultural Center for the Deaf as a dancing teacher, he makes all the costumes himself, and even sings.
Students from the Lyceum of Oil and Gas also did various performances. One of them: "Go, fly, high school student!"
ジプシーダンス! Gipsy dance!

story and photos by Murato
corrected by Ohno san

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