Wednesday, 25 December 2013


  1. 主ファシリテーターと副ファシリテーターを務めた回数
  2. 創造性
  3. ネットーワーキング構築
  4. トレーニングの参加者の意見の変化に対する影響力
  5. 自発性

Today, the members of SHG "Istiqbol" gathered at JICA building to hold a DET forum meeting, at which we discussed about the DET training conducted in this year. We selected the most active DET trainer by 5 criteria set by JICA project:

  1. The number of DET served as main-facilitator and co-facilitator
  2. Creativity
  3. Networking
  4. Effectiveness of training to influence the change of the opinions of the participants of the training
  5. Initiative
Mukhabbat was selected as the MVP DET trainer of the year.

Ohno san is giving her comments and suggestions concerning the DETs conducted in this year.
Safiya (in the middle) proposed to hold a intensive training inviting the most active participants of DET trainings until now in Tashkent next year.
Mr. Cap taught new techniques of facilitation to SHG "Istiqbol".  Ohno san translated from Thai to Uzbek!

Edited by Ohno

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