Monday, 9 December 2013


Jamshid, 13 years old





[English translation]

Jamshid is 13 years old. 15 days after birth, Jamshid's mother was suddenly called to work,  and while she was away, her 3-year-old daughter dropped him. The little girl did not tell anything to her mother. And only five months later, it became obvious that there was a delay in the development of a little Jamshid. He can not walk now, and even can not speak. His mother, took him to the hospital many times, but the doctors could not give a clear diagnosis of his illness.

In July 2011, Jamshid's mother got a wheelchair from Yangiyol district social welfare office. However, the wheelchair was broken a year later, and Jamshid has not been using a wheelchair for a year or more. According to the rules, a disabled person can get a single wheelchair in five years, even if it is broken earlier. Therefore, it was not possible to get a wheelchair from social welfare department anymore.

Even if he is already 13 years old, he has never gone to school yet. I hope he will be able to go to school using  "a wheelchair of Hope"! Jamshid is not able to speak, but he seems to understand everything happening around him.

It is sure, that the "wheelchair of Hope" made ​​in Japan, will be of use for a long time. The size of the wheelchair was a good fit for Jamshid's body. Thank you very much!!

written by Murato
edited by Ohno san

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